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 Custom Foot Clinic & Orthotic Centre

Spring is in the air! March is time for ...

Arch Madness!

​​With hints of warm weather and longer days most of us can't wait to get outside!

​That means walking, running, hiking and all things outdoors. 

​What this means for us is an increased in walking/ running injuries and overuse syndromes. Arch pain, plantar fasciitis

and Achilles injuries  and all can flare up with increased activity. ​

​If you experience any of these the first thing you need to check is your shoes! Shoes may look brand new but if they have been around for a while they can experience compression and break down in the cushion and support. This makes one much more likely to have problems.

​If you have checked your shoes, and still have trouble, call us! We have all sorts of solutions to get you moving better!


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Ingrown toenails are painful and can greatly impact ones mobility. Difficult cases often require surgery. However surgery comes with risks and potential complications. We are happy to offer an alternative. Custom nail braces lift the nail plate, and encourage the nail to grow out properly. An effective, painless alternative to surgery for difficult cases!

Please call or email us at customfootclinic@bell.net with preferred location, date and  time.

Please note pre-arranged appointments

are requested at both locations.

New Patients

Chiropody and podiatry is the treatment and prevention of foot disorders by conservative, biomechanical, orthotic and surgical means. Chiropodists and podiatrists are the only licenced, government regulated health professionals trained exclusively in disorders, dysfunction and disease of the foot. Trust your feet to the best!

We prescribe and dispense many different types of foot orthotics, based on our clients specific medical needs and lifestyle. Each prescription is uniquely individual, and the foot is captured to the highest accuracy possible using a high definition 3D laser scanner.  We will provide you will all of the required documents for insurance claim submission, including prescriptions, biomechanical exams and casting forms as required. Chiropodists and Podiatrists are the only regulated health professions that have the ability to prescribe and provide custom orthotics defined in their regulated acts.

New Patients: Save time when you come into the office! Download our new patient forms here and complete them before you come in!

Orthopaedic Footwear

Appointment? More info? 

Every journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.  Take the steps required so that your feet can take you where you want to go!

Custom Foot  & Orthotics Clinic is a medical chiropody/ podiatry and foot orthotics family foot health centre.

Podiatric services we offer include comprehensive solutions for most all foot problems. From foot and leg pain to problem skin and nails, to diabetic and seniors foot care - we can help!


We prescribe and order many different types of orthopaedic footwear for our patients, most often to complement a custom orthotic management plan. Orthopaedic footwear can greatly help to stabilize overall foot structure and function, where it is used with or without the custom orthotic.  Questions? Just ask! We are happy to help!

Laser light treatment

for toenail fungus!

Compression socks!

We carry a full range of easy use, easy care and awesome looking medical compression socks - at a great price! Plus, proceeds from every sale will go towards Ronald McDonald House Charity as part of our 2018 Chicago Marathon fundraising goal!

We Welcome New Patients! 

Custom Orthotics

Photodynamic light therapy (PDT) for toenail fungus, wound care therapy, and plantar warts. Light treatment is highly effective, and when coupled with a proper care regimen, significantly improves clinical results.  Toenail fungus affects about 10% of the population, and is traditionally very difficult to treat. With the new technology, we are seeing better results than ever before!

Custom Foot Clinic & Orthotic Centre 

We are here to help you, and have seen just about everything!