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Compression stockings, or vascular compression garments are designed to aid in vascular return of the lower extremities. They are useful in treating many vascular linked conditions, from generalized fatigue in the lower limb, to varicose and spider veins to significant medical edema.

Essentially they are tight socks, stockings or panty hose. They help to squeeze fluids in the tissues back into the circulatory system and aid the veins in returning blood back to the heart.

These medical devices may be prescribed for individuals with mild swelling, varicose veins or even tired legs. People who sit for prolonged times such as air travelers, or who are on their feet for extended periods such as nurses, factory workers, restaurant staff and so forth often notice marked improvement in comfort while using compression garments. Athletes and runners also notice less fatigue, and wearing compression gear can be a great help in recovery after a hard effort.

We carry several types of compression garments,  tailored specifically to individual needs.  Our sports line offers zoned gradient compression to support areas such as the plantar fascia, and Achilles tendon. These special stockings can offer excellent shot term relief of painful feet and ankles.

Compression stockings come in not only several styles (ie knee high, crew sock, thigh high etc), and a wide range of fun and funky colours and patterns.

* Please note:  We are happy to provide stockings to our registered patients. We do not sell garments to the public on a walk-in basis*