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Do you feel like you're walking on a rock? Is something stuck in your foot but you can't get it out? These may be corns.

These yellowish kernel-sized bumps can make being on your toes a very painful experience.  They’re caused by friction and pressure and are as old as feet themselves.

There are several different types of corns. Long standing corns can sometimes have blood vessels and nerves within them. The ideal formation condition for corns occurs when the skin is wedged between a shoe and a bone on the foot.  Most often corns are between or on the toes, but you can get corns anywhere on your foot depending of the shearing and frictional forces at work.They’re basically miniature calluses and have to be treated the same way. Wider shoes, bathing and scraping with a pumice stone may do the trick. 

Often corns can become painful and require treatment from a foot specialist. Treatment includes physically removing the corns, and any callus surrounding.. Most often, pain will be eliminated. The specific reasons for the corn/ callus formation should be addressed as well. If the problem is footwear, changing to a more appropriate shoe may be all that is needed. If the corns are formed due to an underlying biomechanical imbalance, a custom orthotic may re recommended in order the re-distribute the weight to the appropriate joints when you walk.