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Direct Billing

The following companies allow direct billing for chiropody/ podiatry treatments for many of their plans. 

Direct online billing has recently become available for chiropody/ podiatry foot care claims for a large number of insurance companies, with more to be hopefully added soon.  Direct billing is where we can submit and obtain instant authorization/ payment information for claims for our patients. 

Each policy with each company is different. Many health insurance providers allow direct billing for chiropody/ podiatry assessments and office treatments, while others still may not.  We encourage plan holders to contact their insurance company regarding availability of direct billing for their individual case. Unfortunately, most insurance companies require plan members to submit paid receipts for re-imbursement for medical supplies (such as custom orthotics, orthopedic footwear and compression stockings) for re-imbursement to the plan holder only. There are some companies that will allow assignment of benefits on a case by case/ plan by plan basis for orthotics, shoes and stockings (where the patient signs a form allowing the insurer to pay the clinic after the claim has been submitted, and not the patient on a one time basis) for their insurance claim. Typically we do not deal with assignment of benefits in our office. This protects our patients and ourselves from erroneous/ invalid claims. For WSIB and DVA claims we will consider assignment for orthotics/ shoes, however these as well are on a case by case basis and must be pre-approved by the insurer.

We are happy to check if direct billing is an option for you! Please let us know at the beginning of your treatment, bring your insurance claim card to your visit (and every visit) and we can inquire online before we prepare your invoice receipt.

Please note: Clients are responsible for remitting payment to the clinic at the time of treatment any co-pays or amount not covered or authorized by insurance.