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New Products and Services!
 We utilize several foot care products to assist in a comprehensive care program for our clients. All of these products are high quality, medical grade, and are often sold exclusively through licenced medical clinics. 

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Photodynamic infrared light therapy for toenail fungus, plantar warts and wounds.
Light treatment is highly effective, and when coupled with a proper care regimen, significantly improves clinical results.  Toenail fungus affects about 10% of the population, and is traditionally very difficult to treat. With this new technology we are seeing significantly better, much more promising results.

Pain Relief cream

A new medical grade topical pain solution. Contains 5% xylocaine  (a nerve anesthetic) as well as deep penetrating menthol. Ideal for Diabetic neuropathy and nerve pain. Also highly effective for sprains and strain injuries.


 Medical Grade Foot Cream 
This highly effective, non-greasy moisturizing cream. It effectively soften skin and penetrates deeply to heal cracks. It contains urea, lanolin as well as vitamins D and E. Ideal for diabetics and those with sensitive skin.

Antimicrobial Odour fighting shoe shield
Wipe out odour causing bacteria quickly for better smelling shoes in an easy to apply spray.

Surface and Cloth Disinfectant
This hospital grade high level disinfectant is safe for use on surfaces, clothing and footwear. It effectively kills bacteria, viruses and fungi. Very safe to use containing no phenols, aldehydes or horomone mimicking substances.

Fungal Toenail Treatment
We now have a safe, effective, topical antifungal agent specifically formulated for fungal toenails. It is infused with an antifungal agent with zero known resistance and we are seeing great results. We are very excited!

Medical Foot Antiperspirant
Excess moisture can lead to blisters, chafing not to mention smelly feet and increased incidence of foot infections. Controlling moisture is a key component to many patient treatment plans.

Orthopaedic Insoles
Supportive and cushioning medical grade insoles provide enhanced support and stability superior to many over the counter insoles. Professional grade sold exclusively through medical foot clinics.

Ideal for those clients where custom orthotics may not be an option.

Patient home care instruments.
We have medical grade at home diamond files to help in the care of  nails, calluses and warts. We also have special ingrown edge nail files to help clean out and maintain ingrown nails.

Foot Cushions and Pads

We have a variety of small cushions and pads for toes, corns, bunions, foot pain etc.This includes products such as extra heel pads and metatarsal pads which can be added to over the counter insoles for more targeted therapy Please ask us for products specific to help you!

Laser 3D Orthotic Scanner
We are very excited to introduce into the office our brand new laser 3D foot orthotic scanner! This is the most progressive, up-to-date technology in the industry! It captures laser 3D images of the patients foot and allows us to get the most accurate scan and orthotic possible! It shows up joint deviations and alignments to the incredible accuracy of one tenth of a millimeter!

Thermal Diabetic Socks
Many patients suffer from cold feet and circulation caused by a number of problems. We have thermal socks for our patients with diabetes and peripheral vascular disease to help cope with this problem.

Diabetic Seamless Socks

The ideal activity sock for people with sensitive feet.
This features-laden sock provides the ultimate in protection against blistering and chafing caused from an active lifestyle. From the miracle stretch top that will not bind or reduce the legs circulation to the padded sole that absorbs shock and cushions the foot, the Simcan Comfort Plus® will stay comfortable all day long.

Compression Stockings
We special order a wide selection of medical grade compression hosiery. Knee high, thigh high, full stockings. Mild, moderate and firm gradient compression products in a wide array of colours.