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Custom Foot Clinic

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Your foot specialist can help you determine what type of shoe is right for you.

Shoes, Shoes and More Shoes! 

Confused about how to shop for shoes?

How do you know if a shoe fits? What type of shoe do I buy for ...? What kind of shoe is best for me? What the best shoes on the market are today?

The answer to these questions depends on many factors. The person, their health, activities, occupation and many other considerations go into determining what is the best shoe for each person. In short, there is no universally correct answer.

With all of those bright colours, flashy signs, and promises of "the best shoe ever" it can be hard to determine exactly what you need. The truth is the answer is different for every person. 
A little bit of knowledge goes a long way. Having the right information makes trying and buying shoes easier. The reward is comfortable and well fitted shoes that will last.