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Custom Foot Clinic

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Dress Orthotics

Dress orthotics are designed for high heels or very slender shoes. They do not offer as much support as traditional orthotics, however they can fit into a very wide variety of footwear. 

At Custom Foot Clinic …We make feet fly!

Specialized Kids Orthotics

Specially designed kids custom foot orthotics are for little feet who are pigeon or duck footed, and need help pointing and growing in the right direction. Patients who frequently trip or fall also may benefit from specialized devices.

Kids Orthotics

Designed to help little feet grow stronger, straighter and healthier. They can come in fun colours and can greatly help the foot grow well when worn frequently.

Diabetic Orthotics

Accommodative orthotics are designed for patients with particularly sensitive feet due to diabetes, ulcers and pressure sores, rheumatoid, psoriatic or osteoarthritis or those whose specific needs are targeted cushioning.

Casual Dress Orthotics

Casual dress orthotics offer more support than dress orthotics, and are designed for loafers, boots, ballet flats etc.

Sports Orthotics

Sports orthotics offer the best of both worlds, great support and fantastic cushioning. They are a  good fit for athletic footwear, hiking boots, safety boots etc. 

First of all, there is no one specific type of orthotics. All of our custom orthotics are completely custom made. A unique hand-crafted device for each individual after having taken into account a wide variety of factors. Some things we consider are the patients activities, biomechanical and prescription needs, any pain we need to treat as well as long-term goals for each client. Footwear choice is also considered, but as part of the overall plan as to which prescription is truly the best to meet each individuals needs. 

Casual Full Length Orthotics

Casual full orthotics are designed for casual and dressier footwear with removable insoles. They are typically a more slender cut to accommodate these styles of shoes, but still offer good support and good cushioning. 

That said, there are several different sub-category types of orthotics. Some clients fall into a specific type for custom foot orthotics, but many end up with a combination of sorts of types of orthotics, depending on their specific needs.

Why Choose

Custom Foot Clinic?

There are lots of providers for orthotics. Chiropodists and podiatrists have unique training in that we can provide your prescription as well as dispense your orthotics. Not only do we offer great service and warranties, we also will provide complementary care, such as medication prescriptions, access to physiotherapy as well as complete case management for your needs.

Our focus is on you, our client, and the whole picture that is required to get you feeling better.

What Type of Orthotics Do I Need?

We are here to help!

With all of these choices it is easy to get confused, but we are here to help!

Come see us and we can discuss your specific situation, and together work towards a tailor-made plan that will suit your orthopedic and lifestyle needs!