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Milton:    (289) 242-3668

​​Custom Foot Clinic

  & Orthotic Centre

​​We are a full service foot care facility offering treatments for:

 Foot and Ankle Pain!
- foot, heel, and arch pain
- foot and ankle sprains/ strains and sports injuries
- heel spurs,  arch strain, plantar fasciitis,  shin splints
- metatarsal pain and neuromas
- problems walking/ intoeing/ outoeing
- flat and high arched feet
- bunions and hammer toes

- sports podiatry medicine

   Medical Sterilization

All of our instruments are individually wrapped and steam sterilized in a medical autoclave. We have  a triple check system in place which ensures sterility and the highest standards of infection control.
If you have any questions, please contact us and we will be happy to help you!

 Skin and Nail Problems!
- corns, callus, cysts 
- plantar warts
- difficult toenails
- painful and ingrown toenails 
- skin and nail infections
- athletes foot and fungal toenails
- diabetic foot care 
- arthritic foot care
- seniors and family foot care

   Custom Orthotics &           Orthopedic Footwear!
Orthotics with proper footwear are not only helpful in treating foot and ankle pain, but also knee, hip, thigh and back pain. We have the ability to truly customize our orthotics such that they can fit most any style of footwear! Through a complete assessment of our patient's health, lifestyle and footwear we create a truly unique custom orthotic or custom shoe for each individual.

 Specialized Treatments!
- in office nail surgery/ permanent nail removal

- custom nail braces for chronic ingrown toenails
- corticosteroid (cortisone) injections for painful heels and neuromas
- photodynamic laser therapy for fungal nail infections
- fully certified in provincial regulations for pharmacology, local anaesthesia and soft tissue surgery