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All of our foot orthotics are completely custom made from an anatomical volumetric 3 dimensional cast of the patient's foot. Orthotics made from a walking mat are often a 2 dimensional image and are "best fit". In order to achieve normal foot function, the orthotic must be made from a 3 dimensional model, so that joint position can be assessed in the most accurate position possible.  

A cast or 3D image is taken of our patients feet, and is corrected according to the specific medical prescription. The orthotic is constructed from raw materials by a qualified pedorthist in a Prescription Foot Orthotic Laboratory Association (PFOLA) accredited podiatry laboratory. The PFOLA accreditation process tests technical competency in interpreting orthotic prescriptions and manufacturing orthotic appliances, and developing and maintaining a quality control. Orthotics are exquisitely hand-crafted from the finest orthopedic and prosthetic materials available. Each prescription is uniquely individual, having taken into account a multitude of factors about the patients specific needs. By doing so, this enables us to fine tune the orthotic in order to ensure optimal results.

In our office we use the very latest in laser high definition 3D foot orthotic scanning technology - the most progressive, up-to-date technology in the industry! We capture laser 3D images of the patients foot which allows us to get the most accurate scan and orthotic possible. It shows up joint deviations and alignments to the incredible accuracy of one tenth of a millimeter. This technology is more accurate than a foam cast, and much cleaner and patient friendlier than traditional plaster casts. All orthotics are computer designed using 3D CAD CAM and direct milling technology, for the highest accuracy possible. When needed however, we can still use traditional plaster casts or other techniques should that be the best solution.

At Custom Foot Clinic, we stand behind our orthotics. Our orthotics are constructed in a local accredited podiatry facility, such that we can personally  work from and ensure optimal construction. We work closely with our lab team, and are on lab premises often, personally involved in the hands on construction of our patient's devices. Our construction team consists of chiropodists, Canadian board certified pedorthists, orthotists and orthotist technicians. Lab adjustments are included in the price for a minimum of one year, often longer. Covers and soft materials have an unconditional one year warranty against excessive wear. The intrinsic corrective portion (shell), comes with a lifetime guarantee against breakage. We will make every and substantial efforts to ensure our patients are satisfied with their orthotics, up to including a complete remake of the orthotic with new casts/ scans if necessary.

Our standard rate for orthotics includes assessment, prescriptions, biomechanical exams, casting, orthotics, professional fitting, clinic follow-up care and lab adjustments for a minimum of one year, as well as free annual prescription checks for lifespan of the orthotics. We have extensive experience in navigating employee health benefits, and will provide you with all of the necessary documents required to submit for your health insurance claim, often without the need of obtaining a note from your family doctor. Some insurance companies require that orthotics be prescribed and dispensed/ or manufactured by a separate facility. By working closely with our lab partners, we can ensure the quality construction of our clients devices, all the while maintaining complete case management for our patients. Chiropodists and Podiatrists are the only regulated health professions that have the ability to prescribe and provide/ dispense custom orthotics defined in their regulated acts. We can go from start to finish including the prescription, fabrication and dispensing of the orthotic component, but also the medical management and physiotherapy treatment of our patients symptoms in our office as well. We believe in comprehensive case management and helping our patients to ensure that they get the most out of their investment. 

And lastly - BOGO! We offer a second pair orthotics rate of 40% off of the regular new pair rate (standard rate including assessment, casting and follow up care) when ordering a 2nd pair of orthotics together at the same time with the original order. This is not a sale or special price, we offer this rate each and everyday so that no one ever has to make a rush decision.

Have you ever wanted to run better, walk better, run faster, or overall move better? Custom orthotics can help you achieve all of these goals. By aligning properly your foot and leg, you improve the performance of the entire kinetic chain. Muscles work properly, tendons do not over-pull and ligaments align. This means you move better and feel better doing it, and often those little naggings aches and pains can disappear.

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